Thursday, 3 October 2013

Looking back, I wonder what it was that led me to the field of learning disabilities. Was it serendipity, or maybe karma?

All that I do realise now is that I cannot imagine doing anything else.

I experience a feeling of intense congruence when I am sitting in front of the child, able to make a connect, a mutually enriching experience, a feeling that I am developing and learning with each and everyone of my students, moving towards a higher goal.

Tuesday, 1 October 2013

Hi Friends

Yesterday team diksa had a lunch meeting. 

This was to celebrate several things. 

Firstly to acknowledge that many of our teachers have completed more than five years in the field. congrats to you all.and best wishes for many, many more years of fulfilling work. 

Secondly, the occasion was made extra special by the Rotary club Aasan Award given  on the occasion of Teachers day.

 It also gave us an opportunity for some fun time to bond with each other. i enjoyed myself , it was a very good day for me. wishing all of us many more such moments.