Tuesday, 19 November 2013

People generally tend to believe that Special Ed is all about giving and helping others. I have a different take on that. I feel that what we get out of working with special children is much ,much more.
I have learnt to live the attitude of gratitude.
I have also realised how minor glitches in the brain-body systems can have significant impact on the individual's learning and behaviour. I have learnt not to take anything for granted.
The spirit of the children and their ability to bounce back after frequent failures, their resilience, and cheerfulness has taught me to be accepting and optimistic.
Special children have "special" parents. Life is never the same again for many of them
These parents have taught me lessons of love and acceptance, and of flexibility.
Many of them are on a path of continuous learning to understand their child better.
There are those who have given up lucrative careers and have become trained special educators themselves, helping their own children and others as well.
I deeply appreciate and admire each one of you for your patience, strength and courage.
Each one of you have contributed to my personal growth and happiness.

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